Sky Ceiling Panel


By stimulating daylight with the right LED panels and the use of realistic high-resolution pictures, you will really feel like you are working outside when you are actually inside, or feel like you are being treated under a blue sky.

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• A positive distraction during treatment, meeting or visit.
• More energy for you, your colleagues and your visitors.
• The sense of outdoors alleviates anxiety and stress.
• A visit to your institution or company will be a more positive experience.
• A visual wow-factor within your company or institution.

Why LED Sky Ceiling Panel?

Sky Ceiling Panels are made up of Acrylic Glass with luminous LEDs projecting daylight from below. Applied in corporate, recreational and medical spaces: our standard product is the ideal solution for a realistic cloud ceiling with daylight experience for a very reasonable price.
The panels have Aluminium borders for protection from damages while installation.
With the standard formats 2×2 ft, 2×4 ft and 4×4 ft, the ultra-thin LED-panels are very easy to implement in the suspended ceiling. The LED SKY CEILING standard cloud ceiling can be executed with a picture of your own or one of our crystal-clear pictures.


Standard Dimensions

By default, our panels are available in the suspended ceiling dimensions 2×2 ft, 2×4 ft and 4×4 ft.


You can choose between our crystal-clear pictures, online image databases or submit your own design. Our designers can always create the desired effect.

Stays Bright

Unlike incandescent lighting, LEDs don’t “burn out” or fail, they merely dim over time. Our LEDs have an expected lifespan of 30,000–50,000 hours or even longer, depending on the quality of the lamp or fixture.

Glossy or Anti-Reflective

With us you can choose whether you want the panels glossy or anti-reflective.


All of our panels are dimmable by default. We would love to hear from you which way you would prefer this to work. For example, think of 0-10V, DALI and by remote control.

Simple Installation

Our Standard panels are made for the suspended ceiling and provide a ‘Plug and Play’ solution for the light. This makes it possible for our panels to be installed within one lunch break.


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